I knew it would come to this, I didn't want it, I pushed the thought away, kept it hidden from myself, but deep down I knew, I knew I'd have to loose you, one way or another, you'd drift away, there was always something I couldn't give you, something you needed that I didn't have. Always a dark spot in the light of our love, always a closed door to which you held the key, I was willing to do whatever you asked of me, and I did, I trusted you, you broke that trust, I know you're sorry, I saw it in your eyes, I wish I could take it back, take it all back and start again, but I cant, you're still gone, and nothing can bring you back. Every minute of every day you fill my mind, I run through every second we spent together, the beginning, the good times the bad times…and the end, I wish I could tell you I'm sorry, I don't know how I've managed to live with myself, without you. I wish I could tell you that I love you one more time, just once more, to tell you I didn't mean it, would you forgive me? You shouldn't. Every day I have to live with this, to know I've lost you, I cant lay the blame anywhere but here, you were my one love and now I've destroyed you, and at the same time destroyed myself, I long to be able to just turn back the clock, do things differently, but all I can do is sit and think of you, or what I've done and carry on living with this guilt.