A colourful world all for me,
An escape from the black reality dreamed by man,
A world full of comfort, happiness and touch,
A place for the few among the many.

Nothing is normal, everything is strange,
People who are they are, not who they need to be,
Truth is spoken, thoughts expressed,
There are no boundaries, war of death.

Home is wherever you happen to be,
Friends are whomever you are with,
Jealousy, hate, guilt and shame don't follow me here,
All emotions are light and pure.

Everyone's happy, friendly and free,
He tears that fall all coloured in gold,
Hearts are open, minds are clear,
Love is given without the need to question.

I am wherever I want to be,
With whoever I want to be with,
Not a harsh word is spoken, pain is non-existent,
Help is always given, no fuss is ever made.

The sky is always black with swirling lights above,
The ground is always soft,
The wind is always light to play with my loose hair,
No objects taint the open space.

Music fills the air,
Soft whispers can be heard,
Speaking of things I know, teaching me of those I do not,
Teaching me how to live.

In this world I long to be when I lay in my bed at night,
Away from this harsh reality we created,
To close the eyes and drift away to this secret land,
The world I made for me.