Nothing is what it looks; no one is ever who they seem,
Hurt and pain that should be told is locked away inside,
Right is never right but wrong is always wrong,
The trusted are never trusted as not to let them in.

Everyway you twist and turn the view is never clear,
Tears that should have bled lay heavy on the heart,
The voice that cries for help is ignored and pushed away,
Barriers that begin to fall are immediately replaced.

Home seems distant friends are always far,
Forced smiles always hurt, more hurt to add inside,
Happiness for other, because others are always first,
A person that isn't me for them to love and see.

Fears and desires that cant be placed in words,
Are always forming but never are they shared,
Smiles are hard to form as days are moving on,
The silent voice inside screams out to be heard.

A locked and mirrored box is what everybody knows,
A reflection of what they want to see, but never is it me,
The box is full the lock is wearing thin,
Desperate to let it out to let everybody in.