Get out of my Quarters!
By Traci Benton

(Chakotay is sitting in his quarters at his desk, sipping a drink and thinking; he jumps when there is a chime at the door)
C: Yes? Come in!
(Janeway walks in holding a PADD, looking like she's going to hit something pretty soon)
J: (Waving the PADD in his face) What is the meaning of this?!
C: What?
J: You know what
C: Oh…that
J: Yes
that, now just what the hell do you mean?
(He looks sheepish)
C: Well…you asked me for my opinion
J: I wouldn't of if I knew you were going to write
C: What? You want me to lie?
J: Yes…No…
C: Well which one?
J: No!
C: Well then (he takes sips of his drink)
J: Well I didn't want you to put that! (She puts the PADD under his nose) look!
C: (sarcastically) I know what it says…I wrote it…Remember?
J: (also sarcastically) Yes I
remember, how could you write that?
C: Easily
J: (pouts) Really?
C: (sipping his drink still, and avoiding her eyes) Yes really
J: Well I thought you were my friend
C: I am
J: Well…then why did you write that?
C: You just said you didn't want me to lie!
J: Well maybe I did want you to! I'm hardly going to say it!
C: So you do want me to lie?
J: No!
C: Well make up your mind will you!
(Kind of shocked by the tone of voice he is using)
J: Excuse me?
C: Make up your mind, do you want me to be truthful or not?
J: Will you shut up!
C: (stands up) What is your problem?
J: Have you even been listening to me?
C: Well I haven't exactly had a choice have I!
J: What is wrong with you?
C: Nothing! What's wrong with you?
J: Nothing, apart from this! (Picks up the PADD again)
C: Well if I it really bothers you that much then I'll delete it (he goes to take the PADD but she puts it out of his reach) Well?
J: What?
C: Do you want me to delete it?
J: NO!
C: For gods sake Kathryn!
J: (gives him an evil look) what?
C: (sighs) well when you've decided then tell me, if that's all…
J: No that's not all!
C: Well then, what else can I do for you?
J: Well…
C: Yes?
J: What?!
C: (sighs) What else is it you want?
J: I don't know…
C: In that case (gestures towards the door)
J: You are so RUDE do you know that!
C: Me rude? What about
J: I am
not rude!
C: Yeah whatever
J: You are so childish!
C: I am not childish!
J: (sarcastically) Not much!
C: (sighs and throws up his hands exasperatedly) Fine OK, I will delete the report, give it here (goes again to take the PADD, she pulls it away)
J: No! If that's what you really think! Then keep it like that! I don't care!
C: Well you obviously do!
J: I don't!
C: Yeah right!
J: Chakotay just drop it
(They stand looking at each other for a few seconds)
C: Is that all?
J: Yes
C: Then are you leaving?
J: Do you want me too?
C: YES! Haven't I put that across enough yet?
J: I'm not leaving
C: Get out of my quarters!
J: No! You get out!
C: What?
J: Get out
C: I'm not getting out of my own quarters!
J: Fine and I am not leaving
C: Kathryn! Get out of my quarters!
J: Make me!
C: Fine! (He grabs her arm)
J: Get off me!
C: (he does so and sighs) Please get out of my quarters Kathryn, I'm busy
J: You don't look busy
C: Well I am! Now leave! Before I call security
J: I'll put you in the brig
C: I'm sure you will-now leave!
J: NO!
C: You are getting on my nerves
J: And you aren't getting on mine?
C: Well leave and I we'll both be out of each other's way
J: You leave!
C: We've been through this!
J: Shut Up!
C: Will you please leave!
J: No!
C: Get out of my quarters, now!
J: NO!
C: Fine! Stay
J: Thank you!
C: Go away!
J: You just told me to stay
(He sits down at his desk and puts his hands behind his head)
C: Fine then stay
J: I will (she sits down opposite Chakotay) …are you annoyed with me Chakotay?
C: What do
you think?
J: No?
C: Wrong!
J: Then you are?
C: YES! Please leave
J: NO!
(Chakotay jumps up and pulls Janeway up)
C: Get out of my quarters now!
J: I told you-I am
not going!
C: Why not?
J: Because I want to stay here
C: Well I don't want you to!
J: That's not nice!
C: I'm not in a nice mood
J: Yeah I noticed
C: Well you're not exactly in a good mood
J: You started this!
C: ME?!
C: I did not start this; you're the one who totally over reacted!
J: I did not
over react!
C: You did, are and will
C: See! (He steps closer to Janeway) You are totally over reacting!
J: Well maybe I
want to over react!
C: Will you please leave me alone!
J: You want me to leave you alone?
C: No
J: (wasn't expecting this) What?
C: I want you to stay
J: (looks at him suspiciously) why?
C: Don't you want to stay?
J: Well yes
C: Good, then stay
J: I have to go…(she goes to leave)
C: (he steps in front of her) No please don't leave
J: I have to
C: No you don't
J: I do
C: You were going to stay a minute ago, why'd you change your mind?
J: Because (pause)
C: Because what? (She looks at every object in the room to avoid his gaze) Well?
J: I have to go
C: Please don't (he steps as close to her as he can comfortably get) I don't want you to leave, stay for dinner, and we can go through that (points at the stupid pad that started the argument)
J: I cant…
C: Strawberries and cream for afters…
(She grins)
J: Well in that case, I can't refuse!
(He takes her hand in his and knocks the offensive PADD under the desk, which makes her laugh)
C: Sorry about that
J: I did over react…
C: No you didn't
J: I did, I promise never to over react again
C: You promise?
J: Yes I give you my word
(With this he leans forward and kisses her on the lips gently, when he finally dares to look at her she is smiling slightly)
C: Well you didn't over react
J: I gave you my word…
C: You did
J: Want to … I mean…I... will you….
C: Gladly… (He kisses her full on the lips)
J: You still annoyed with me?
C: (laughs) Not in the slightest
J: Good…about that report
C: Later
J: Agreed…(they kiss each other again)
<Fade out>