Sleepless aboard Voyager
By Traci Benton

(Janeway is lying in her bed, hands behind her head staring at the ceiling and sighing from time to time; Chakotay is also in
his bed… asleep, on his side with one hand under his pillow, looking extremely sweet, Janeway sighs again and reaches over to her comm. Badge, it 'blips' as she taps it and holds it in her hand)
J: Janeway to Chakotay
(No answer)
J: Are you there Chakotay?
C: (groggily) What? Why…Kathryn?
J: Yes…Did I wake you?
C: No…is something wrong? (He sits up in his bed)
J: No…I can't sleep
C: Oh…well…(he yawns)
J: I'm sorry- I woke you…
C: No! No, it's all right, I'm not tired now anyway, you want to come round for a chat?
J: To your quarters?
C: Yes
J: I'm in bed
C: (he laughs) well get out then
J: Fine, I'll see you in 3 minutes
C: Kathryn?
J: Yes
C: Get dressed wont you
J: (laughs) Of course
(She taps her comm. Badge again and it 'blips' She pulls on her uniform and makes her way to Chakotay's quarters…cut to…Janeway presses the panel outside Chakotay's quarters and he comes to the door looking extremely tired rubbing the back of his neck with that look he does when he's tired on his face, when he sees her his face lifts and he gestures for he to come in, she goes so smiling, he is still in his night wear, long comfortable trousers and one of those thin long tops he wears with the off centre coller)
C: What time is it?
J: 0500 hours…
C: (yawns) have to get up in 2 hours anyway
J: I'm sorry I woke you up
C: (he takes her by the hand and pulls her gently over to the couch and sits her down) Its OK, I don't mind being woken up if its you who does it
J: Aw, thank you
(Chakotay sits down next to her and sighs)
C: (rubbing his eyes) Have you seen what Neelix has done to the mess hall?
J: No…I don't think so…why…what has he done to it?
C: He's re decorated it
J: Oh no…
C: Oh it looks all right…just rather bright…
J: Chakotay?
C: (closes his eyes) Yes?
J: Can I ask you something?
C: Mmm Hmm
(She decides against it and pecks him lightly on the cheek, he opens his eyes slightly and smiles at her before closing his eyes again)
J: (whispers in his ear) Are you tired?
C: (mumbles something and opens his eyes) What? Oh sorry
J: Its OK, I'll leave (she goes to get up, but he gently holds her in place)
C: No-don't leave, you wanted to chat, what should we chat about?
J: (yawns) I don't know
(Chakotay yawns as well and leans back closing his eyes, a few moments pass this way)
J: Chakotay? (No answer) Chakotay?
C: mmmm?
J: Are you going to sleep?
C: No…I'm listening to you
J: Do you want me to go?
(He answers by putting his arm around her shoulder and pulling her to rest against his chest…he does this while half asleep with his eyes closed, she smiles and closes her eyes) Chakotay?
C: hmmm?
J: Can you please let me up?
C: Hmmm
J: Chakotay
C: No
J: What?
C: Stay there-I'm comfy
(She laughs softly)
J: Come on (she pokes him gently) lets get you into bed
C: (still with his eyes closed, half asleep and his speech is slurred) Kathryn?
J: Yes?
C: Do you like me?
J: Of course I like you, you…
C: No I mean-do you
like me
J: What?!
C: Do you…love me?
J: You expect me to answer that?
C: (opens his eyes) Yes…
J: I cant
C: Can't what?
J: Answer that (she goes to get up, but is still held in place by Chakotay)…you need to get some sleep Chakotay, I'm sorry I woke you (he turns and faces her)
C: Please answer me…
J: Chakotay…don't…please…(she starts to panic)
C: I love
you Kathryn
J: No…you don't
(He laughs gently)
C: I do…I know I do
J: Well … don't
C: Do you love me?
(No answer)
C: Please say it Kathryn, I need you to say it…
(She leans forward slowly and hesitantly, and kisses him lightly on the lips)
C: (whispers) say it…
J: I…love you Chakotay
C: (leans forward and kisses her on the lips) thank you (looks at her) you…weren't just saying that were you?
J: (laughs) No…I meant it
C: Good